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Shaun Dustin, PE, PhD

Founding Partner

Shaun has run projects from our work on the Salt Lake Temple to Saudi Arabia, and water rights to urban planning. As a land developer and the former Mayor of Nibley, Utah, he has a unique perspective that helps us to understand all facets of a project.

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Ryan Bogren, PE

Founding Partner, Rail and Civil

Ryan founded Alta LDC in 2007, and has designed Civil and Rail projects throughout the western US. His insight into land development and rail transportation issues are invaluable to his clients.


Bill Bradford, BS

Partner, Environmental Engineer

Bill has worked on air quality, water quality, and measurement projects around the world and right here in Utah.  As the former manager of a Landfill, he helps clients, regulators, and stakeholders understand each other's perspectives. As the former head of training for Campbell Scientific's Geotechnical and Structureal monitoring systems, he can help your team to monitor anything from road weather to high speed seismic and anything in between.

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