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Dustin Engineers Merges with Alta Land Design

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Dustin Engineers and Alta LDC were both founded fifteen years ago.

For it's first 15 years, Dustin focused on geotechnical and structural instrumentation. With projects from Qiddiya City (What is Qiddiya? | Qiddiya) and the South Jeddah Power Plant in Saudi Arabia to the Salt Lake Temple and private planning and development support right here in Utah, we brought global capabilities to a local client base. Shaun was also serving as the Mayor of Nibley, UT and guiding it through the challenges that Cities face when their populations double and they get hit with a global pandemic.

At the same time, Ryan Bogren was developing Alta LDC, a firm focused on general civil engineering with a specialties in Railroad design and land development. Ryan's projects have taken him all over the Western US, helping cities, landowners, and businesses to find solutions to difficult land and transportation development problems.

In 2021, Shaun and Ryan recognized real complimentary strengths between our two companies. We both had goals to help more people and bring our unique perspectives to our clients, and our cultures of service, quality, and respect were a great fit. So in February of 2022, we completed the merger, and now Dustin Engineers and Alta are working together as the new DB2 Civil Engineers.

As a firm, we routinely handle projects with engineering contract values from $5,000 to $3M. We bring the skills, professionalism and experience required to support large critical infrastructure projects to local problems.

We are excited to be working together as one united company, and we are excited to bring the skill and experience we've earned over the years to you. Give us a call--we would love to talk to you about how we can help.

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